2018 marked the beginning of a new era for the Maskers as they became the owners of the Court Street building that fostered some of the earliest years. The Basil Burwell Community Theater will provide a permanent home for the Maskers and a space for other small groups to perform and grow.

Since the purchase, we’ve…
– Built a versatile stage for all kinds of performances 
– Purchased new and comfortable seating for our audience 
– Created backstage access to green rooms for the actors to prepare 
– Built moveable risers for better sightlines 
– Fashioned an attractive lobby area with a dazzling mural

In addition, we received grants to purchase a new energy efficient boiler, as well as heat pumps. This allows for adjustable heating and cooling to make our audiences as comfortable as possible.
And we’re not done yet!
To make the exterior rise to the level of the interior, we’ve undertaken a new project…

Help add some PIZAZZ to “The Bazz” by contributing to the fund for a new awning.
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